Terrace Retaining Walls

Improve the Look Of Your Property With A Terrace Retaining Wall

Retaining WallOne of the main aspects of improving the look of your property whether it’s for re-sale value or for your own enjoyment, is to improve the entire appearance of your landscape presentation. There are many wonderful landscaping projects that will improve the overall appearance of your home garden setting. In particular one favorable application especially for sloped landscaped environments are retaining wall systems. The popularity of retaining wall systems have entered a new phase with so many home owners realizing their advantages not only for their functional and structural values but also for their additional focal highlight in terms of decorative impact that creates an aesthetically pleasing and attractive wall.

The main contributions in building a retaining wall system is to firstly contain and stabilize soil from movement on sloped land and steep landscape environments from natural causes such as soil erosion. There are various applications on residential properties where a retaining wall is necessary for its structural practicality and enhancing decorative features, they include; terraces, tiered/ elevated garden walls, single garden walls, steps and stairs, fence systems, leveling out yard, outdoor living areas, along pathways, patios and courtyards.

A Stepped Terrace Application

Terraced Retaining WallIf you have a slope or steep area in your yard and you feel its wasted and unusable space have you considered featuring a stepped terrace application? A stepped terrace application featuring stairs and tiered garden walls will transform a mundane and unusable hillside to be a practical application hence an application that creates visual appeal and additional character. A terrace application for outdoor living rooms, verandas, patios and courtyards also require a terrace retaining wall. Each type of retaining wall requires certain strength and specific building material depending on the terrace wall height, the design and the amount of soil that needs to be contained, consult with a professional.

Terrace Retaining Wall Material Options

There are various building materials available to build all types of terrace retaining wall structures to meet the wall requirements as well as you personal taste. The following four building materials are regarded as the more popular choice by home owners and landscape designers, they are as follows:

  • Concrete Blocks
  • Natural Stone Blocks
  • Timber
  • Brick

Concrete Blocks

Concrete BlocksConcrete blocks have come such along way, especially during the last 5 years. With better product and improved technology which has allowed manufacturers to be able to produce concrete blocks that has exceptional strength with increased durability factors. Concrete blocks are available in an extensive range that are a much wider product option then other building materials for terrace walls. This is because they are a man made product and can be produced in several block designs, styles, shapes, sizes, colors and surface finishes.

As for their durability and versatility aspects this type of building material will certainly provide terrace retaining walls are much stronger and longer lasting wall system. Because concrete blocks are made from a specific cement based mixture with additives of special aggregates composition, the combination of both of these mixing materials produce a dense and porous block unit that has high attributes in terms of resistance's to all weather conditions, pests and termites as concrete blocks also will not rot, decay, buckle or rust.

Natural Stone Blocks

Natural Stone Blocks Natural stone blocks are another building material that many consumers and home owners choose to build various terrace retaining walls from. The natural appearance and textures, the uniqueness, the rough surface, the irregularity in shapes, the strength values and the natural capabilities of natural stone are what make them so popular and high in demand for many landscaping projects.

The other benefits of using natural stone blocks for terrace retaining walls is they have the highest degree of durability then any man made blocks and that’s due to their natural capabilities and abilities. A terrace retaining wall built from natural stone can last for more then a century if properly built, although they are one of the most expensive products, looking at long term, they are the better investment.