Pictures of Retaining Walls

About Pictures of Retaining Walls

Picture of Retaining Wall A Retaining wall enhances the beauty of a site and adds utility to the area’s recreational and gardening space, like this picture of a retaining wall. A lot of landscaping companies provide three different kinds of retaining walls systems, the natural rock, concrete modular block and the railroad tile or treated lumber.

A Retaining wall made of natural rock or stone comes in a variety of different colors and textures. Most people prefer natural rock because of its natural look and texture. For example, the above picture of a retaining wall shows a natural stone or rock wall in different shapes and sizes, you can also see its different texture. It is best for residential retaining walls.

Picture of Concrete Wall This picture of retaining wall shows a concrete block that is used to create straight or curved, corners or steps. Concrete block retaining walls also comes in different colors, forms and textures. Most units are designed to be self-aligning and use a patented interlocking system like this picture of a retaining wall. It molds the stones to each other that is why they remain stable and solid

Retaining Wall System

Retaining WallRetaining walls are best for residential projects. Like concrete homes, retaining walls are built to last. The wall units show a natural texture that compliments any landscape and is environmentally safe because it is made of concrete. Just like this picture of a retaining wall, there is minimal maintenance to retaining wall systems and they have a durable long life.

Versatility of Retaining Wall

Picture of Retaining Wall Retaining wall designs are bound by your imagination. There are many colors, shapes and textures of retaining walls. You can do a simple 1 foot high wall to house your garden or build a 4 feet high wall. There are various facings, which includes smooth-faced and rock-faced and this facing come in different colors like the picture of a retaining wall on the right. Custom colors and blends are available to any builder who wants to adapt a specific tones.

Style of Retaining Wall

Picture of Terraced Retaining WallA series of two or more stacked walls is a tiered wall. Each higher wall is set back from the underlying wall. If the retaining wall is designed properly, it does not only retain soil and support loads but it also provides aesthetic appeal. Tiered walls like this picture are usually more difficult to estimate and design than conventional, single walls. It is important to provide proper drainage especially when building tiers because any drainage problem in the upper walls can compound the lower walls.

Retaining walls have been a basic element in commercial and residential construction. A landscape retaining wall can make a generic backyard into an elegant courtyard, while a structural retaining wall adds strength and appeal to any commercial design. A lot of builders today offer retaining wall construction for the developer, the homebuilder and the homeowner, they provide dependable services at a very affordable prices with a satisfying result.