Retaining Wall Ideas


Retaining WallA retaining wall is usually built to serve two purposes, functionality and aesthetics. When the yard surrounding your house is sloped, what you want is to create flat areas that can be used for certain functions. You may want to create a play area, barbeque area, flower or vegetable beds, or just simply create levels in your landscape to make it more appealing. The retaining wall’s job is to create a level by holding soil back and allowing drainage.

Retaining WallLike all homeowners, you will want a retaining wall that looks good, fits with the style of the house and the style of the garden. To achieve this there are many retaining wall ideas. The retaining wall ideas should bring function and beauty together to go hand in hand. Before going through the different retaining wall ideas, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


What yo Keep In Mind With Retaining Wall Ideas

Not all retaining wall ideas might work for your landscape. Adding a new element into your back or front yard does require a bit of homework. So before setting off to discover some retaining wall ideas, consider the following factors: strength, drainage and the construction material.

Garden WallA retaining wall needs to be strong and durable if it’s to hold back some sort of slope. When built on a proper concrete foundation, a retaining wall won’t collapse or sink as the rain softens the backfilled soil making it heavy. Also, drainage pipes need to be included to allow water to escape and relieve pressure against the wall.

When looking at retaining wall ideas, consider the construction material to be used. Options include brick, wood, poured concrete or concrete blocks. Another option you will find for retaining wall ideas are the segmented retaining wall systems. Your choice should mostly depend on the size of the retaining wall you’re aiming to build. If it’s one or two feet high, any material will do, but if it’s above, definitely go for the segmented retaining wall systems or poured concrete.

Tall Retaining WallAmong the retaining wall ideas are the do-it-yourself types. The main steps are laying the foundation, stacking, and then backfilling with soil. The prefabricated walls surely make the process easier, but any other method of construction can work so long as you do some research and follow the building steps correctly. For a safer and easier route, you can contact a professional to build your retaining wall ideas.



Different Retaining Wall Ideas

Landscaped Retaining WallNow that you know what to look for in retaining wall ideas, you can begin to explore the different options. A cute and simple retaining wall idea is to do raised vegetable or flower bed. These look great when done with stone or wood. You can add striking colors to your garden with flowers, which will in turn attract beautiful butterflies.

Another retaining wall idea would be to create a flat area where you can hold barbecues, have afternoon coffee breaks, or turn it into a play area with mats for the kids. This retaining wall idea can be done with most materials, and when paved it looks great. Add a gazebo and you will have day-round usage of the area.

If you want to go all out, then adding a pond, pool or spa is a great retaining wall idea. You can have the pool on the raised section then perhaps a waterfall pouring down to another section. It requires heaps more work though, but is definitely worth it. Of course, this retaining wall idea is best left for a professional to construct.