Concrete Block Retaining Walls


Concrete Block Retaining WallA retaining wall is featured as an exterior wall system for sloped or steep landscape environments. They provide vertical lateral support to entirely stop soil or rock movement. Retaining walls are a crucial application for the safety aspect, as they provide a safe environment for sloped areas on residential, commercial, industrial and community applications. Without such crucial wall structures, affects from soil erosion, earth movement and other natural elements can cause landslides if such natural compositions are not contained, stopped or stabilized properly.

Retaining walls are also installed for their decorative appeal that can be highlighted to blend in beautifully within the landscape presentation to create visual interest. They are a favorable option for residential purposes and are commonly featured as single garden walls, elevated garden walls, fence systems, steps and stairs, to level out yard areas and outdoor living rooms.

Concrete Retaining Walls Materials

Concrete Block Wall There are various retaining wall building materials available for different types of wall system designs and wall heights, but the most popular building material for retaining wall applications are concrete blocks. Concrete retaining wall blocks are available in several block designs and shapes that have taken the landscaping industry to new heights. The main attributes to their popularity is they have excellent functional values but at the same time they have decorative values to create a landscape setting to thrive with characteristics and elegance.

Benefits Of Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks

Concrete retaining wall blocks have many benefits and advantages to other types of building materials. Concrete blocks are produced in a wide variety of block shapes, sizes, textures, surfaces and designs. They are produced from certain cement mixtures which contain specific aggregates and some have colored oxide pigments added to the mixture to cast moulds with smooth or rough facing and produce blocks that have similar appearance to natural stone blocks or traditional clay bricks. During the last 5 years, there have been so many improvements in developing and producing concrete blocks that are more durable, longer lasting and with more choices in block designs and options.

Here are some other examples of their benefits:

  • Concrete blocks have tremendous durability, versatility and strength values
  • They will provide exceptional structural wall stability from small to high walls
  • There are wonderful block shapes, sizes, textures, surface finishes and designs to choose from for your individual wall project
  • They have great decorative appeal to improve the look of the landscape presentation
  • There are solid concrete blocks for ultimate wall strength for high walls
  • There are hollow block designs that are light in weight and easy to work with
  • There are mortar less concrete blocks designs that require no mortar during installation
  • There are special concrete blocks such as keystone blocks which are cast in a key shape and feature a pinning system during wall installation which require no mortar
  • All concrete block types have excellent resistance's to pests, termite and moisture
  • They can tolerate all weather conditions
  • They will not rot or rust
  • They do not require maintenance
  • They create a permanency within the landscape setting
  • They can add 10 % to the value to your property, a wise investment for resale
  • They are very affordable

Concrete Blocks The other fantastic advantage to concrete blocks is they can be produced to mimic the look of natural stone blocks. Why this type of block is so popular, is they are less expensive then natural stone blocks and basically cost half the price. The flexibility in choosing concrete blocks that have similar surface finish and irregular shapes to natural stone blocks, is they look so real that only a landscape designer or contractor will know that their concrete blocks and not natural stone blocks.

Solid Concrete Retaining Blocks

Concrete Retaining Wall Solid concrete blocks can be used for small, medium to high wall applications. They have superior structural strength as they are produced into full concrete solid units. One great advantage to solid concrete blocks is after the wall installation, the facing can be cement rendered or cement bagged which can be painted in a color that will match the landscape surroundings and decor.