Brick Retaining Wall

The Necessity Of Retaining Walls

Brick WallThe necessity of building retaining walls is to eliminate and stop soil or rock movement in down hill or a sloped landscaped environment which is often caused from soil erosion and affects from other natural elements. The main benefit of retaining walls is their structural strength to sustain and stabilize the soil pressure behind the wall system to ultimately alter the landscape. Retraining walls are a popular option especially on residential properties that require a wall system within the landscape environment and surroundings. Although the main functions of retaining walls is to provide structural strength, most home owners and landscape designers are utilizing and highlighting the wall appearance as an enhancement feature that adds character to the presentation of applications such as garden walls, garden elevations, fence systems, steps and stair and outdoor living areas.

There are various materials used to build retaining walls but the crucial aspect is to choose the most appropriate material that is most suitable to the specific wall design and wall height. Brick retaining walls are often featured for most types of retaining wall designs, as this masonry building material is available in a multitude of brick designs, brick shapes, brick sizes and brick surface finish. Just be weary that suburban retaining wall applications that are more then 4 feet high may require special permits, so you need to check the building code requirements and guidelines if you intend on building a wall that exceeds that height.

Types Of Retaining Wall Bricks

There are several types of bricks that are used for retaining wall applications to provide structural strength as well as highlighting their decorative appearance. Each brick type will vary in costs as any natural brick type will be more expensive then materials that are man made and manufactured. The following are the three more commonly used types of bricks;

  1. Concrete Bricks/ Blocks
  2. Natural Clay Bricks/ Blocks
  3. Natural Stone Bricks/ Blocks

Concrete Bricks

Concrete BricksConcrete bricks and blocks are specially manufactured from a mixture of cement, sand, aggregates and colored oxide. The range in concrete bricks is quiet extensive as they are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, surface facing and textures to blend in beautifully with the landscape presentation. The benefits to this masonry building material is, it has excellent durability values, the bricks will not rot, they will not fade and they have exceptional resistance's to termites. They can withstand all weather conditions, they require no maintenance and they are also fire resistant. The other benefits to brick retaining walls are these products allows greater design flexibility as the brick wall after construction can be either painted, cement rendered or simply just left as exposed brick facings

Natural Clay Bricks

Brick Stairs Natural clay bricks are produced from natural clay compound. The clay is formed into various brick shapes and sizes and is fired in a kiln at extreme high temperatures. The kiln process plays an important role, as this process brings out all the natural colors and textures of the clay and to also produce a brick that has high qualities in all aspects of durability and strength values. Although clay bricks are more expensive then concrete bricks, their natural abilities and natural capabilities will outlast and outperform any non natural building material used for retaining wall structures.

Natural Stone Bricks/Blocks

Natural Stone Bricks Natural stone bricks and blocks are made from natural stone. The stones are quarried from the earth’s surface and are specially cut into various sizes of brick and block shapes. This type of retaining wall product has excellent strength and stability values with the natural textures and natural beauty that will transform any retaining wall application and landscape presentation to ooze with natural charm and character. As for its durability and long term performance, natural stone bricks are regarded as the number one choice that will last for centuries.