Introduction to Brick Retaining Walls

About Brick Retaining Walls

Brick Retaining WallRetaining wall systems are an essential structure for sloped environments that protects properties from soil erosion and other natural elements. The typical use of retaining wall systems is for their functional values to contain and stabilize soil conditions to eliminate soil movement behind the wall system. Such residential applications for building a retaining wall for their functional attributes on downhill landscapes or level landscapes include; fence systems, garden walls, elevated garden walls, garden steps and stairs, leveling out areas, outdoor living rooms, pool fence and semi wall closure for entertaining areas. As for their decorative impact, they will complement and enhance the appearance to rest of the landscape presentation and surroundings.

There are various building materials that retaining walls can be constructed from including bricks, pre cast concrete blocks, natural stone and timber. The importance of choosing the correct material should be determined on various factors such as; the wall height, the amount of soil that requires stabilization, present soil conditions and the style and wall design you desire. The traditional appearance of brick retaining walls are still a favorable choice by home owners and landscape designers. As there are many brick shapes, sizes and textures to choose from to create the perfect wall application that is structurally sound and looks great.

Brick Wall

Brick Retaining Wall There are many benefits and advantages in choosing brick as the building material for retaining wall applications. Brick is very durable, it’s versatile, it provides structural strength, it has excellent resistance's to pests and all weather conditions, it is fire resistant; it will not rot or corrode. Another notable advantage to brick retaining wall applications is; the brick wall can be cement rendered, they can be bagged, bricks can be painted if you change the decor or color scheme.

Red Brick Wall

Red Brick Wall Red brick is still a popular wall color scheme for retaining wall applications. In general, the color red is a vibrant texture that really stands out focally and attracts immediate visual attention. This color is also a great option for garden retaining wall applications that will blend in beautifully with plants, shrubs, flowers and any other present color scheme within the landscape presentation and the surrounding buildings. Red brick is available in a wide range of different tones and textures from light reddish earthy tones, to medium red tones and to bright and eye-catching reddish tones.

The two most common types of red brick wall building materials are; natural clay bricks and concrete bricks. Natural clay bricks are a great building material for retaining wall systems. This type of brick is made from natural clay composition which is fired in a kiln in extreme high temperatures to produce a strong and durable brick which also brings out all the natural colors of clay that vary from orange, red and other earthy tones.

The main benefit of natural clay bricks is they have exceptional natural strength and natural durability that guarantees long lasting retaining wall applications for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and community wall systems. Other benefits to both clay and concrete bricks include; they are water, fire and pest resistant, they will not chip or crack; they require no maintenance as there are many brick shapes, brick sizes and red brick textures to build an outstanding red brick retaining wall with visual interest and character.

Brick Retaining Wall

Brick Retaining WallA brick retaining wall application will create an aesthetically pleasing wall structure with many wall design possibilities to suit your personal requirements and your individual taste. The more popular brick retaining wall design is a running bond pattern. This type of brick retaining wall design features each row of bricks in an offset running pattern throughout the wall. The running bond pattern plays an important role as the offsetting brick pattern provides a brick retaining wall with additional strength and structural stability.