Do It Yourself Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls Retaining walls are used for two main purposes; one is for the functional values to hold back earth on sloped landscapes and the other is for their landscape decorative appeal. One cost affective option are retaining walls are easy to install by do it yourself home owners with all of the correct installation guidelines and prior council approval if necessary. There are various materials to construct retaining walls and this depends on the structural strength required, the expected wall height and the suitable wall design. The more common types of materials that are widely used for retaining wall are concrete blocks. Concrete block retaining walls will provide excellent strength values; there are many concrete retaining block designs, shapes and textures to choose from to suit individual wall decor requirements. 

Retaining Wall Design

Retaining Wall DesignFrom a structural prospective, the retaining wall design is an important aspect pending on the amount of earth that the retaining wall requires to contain and the wall height. There are various retaining wall designs and each design is specifically constructed for certain requirements.   For DIY home owners, it’s a wise choice to consult with a professional for retaining walls that are expected to be  higher then one meter as well as the appropriate retaining wall design. Many residential properties that have level landscapes opt to feature an elevated   landscape retaining wall to create a new dimension with focal attraction within the garden setting. White brick retaining walls are still featured on older style homes but interestingly enough with modern residential design structures some home owners and designers will still feature a white brick garden retaining wall as a stand out focal feature that complements the colors of flowers, trees and shrubs beautifully.   

About Retaining Walls

About Retaining WallsEvery home owner and landscape designer will have their own perception and ideas of   the retaining wall presentation/ end result to look like. With a wide variety of material choices and many design options that range from basic to unusual wall presentation the following are some of the more popular retaining wall materials that are globally used; brick retaining walls, concrete retaining wall blocks, wood/ timber retaining walls, and natural stone retaining walls.  Each material will have advantages and disadvantages when compared to one another, such as; the cost factor, the durability factor, the life expectancy and some may even have design limits. Before you decide on the type of retaining wall you may opt for, it’s a wise choice to look at retaining wall pictures on websites, get a few ideas from garden magazines and even take photos of newly built retaining wall around your neighborhood or suppliers that have them on show.